The Juvenile Justice Association of Texas is always looking for a way to give back.

One such way we are doing this is by offering four $1,500 scholarships every year. These scholarships are exclusive to our JJAT Conference participants. We welcome applications from participants themselves and participants immediate family members. Applications are due by the last Friday in January and awarded at the Spring Conference.

New for 2024 the Juvenile Justice Association of Texas will provide a $1500 Scholarship specifically for an individual currently employed in the Juvenile Justice profession and working towards a degree (associates, bachelors, or masters). This new scholarship is a result of of private donations.   Applicants must be an active participant in Juvenile Justice Association of Texas Conferences and specifically must have attended at least two (2) conferences in the past two years.  We are excited to open up this scholarship to juvenile justice professionals in Texas.

Previous Scholarship Winners:

Juan Jiminez
Avery Caffee

Payton Ramsey
Micah Trull
Ashley Bradley

Regan Reprogle
Katie Murski
Sarah Gomez

Devin Floyd
Ethan Carter
Floyd Jaster III

John Dury
Abrysha Walker
David Muniz

Kaden Monkerud
Conner Keele
Cassandra Gomez
Carson Slater


Preston Clayton

Carson Elliot

Ryan Slade

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